Cannabis Investment Canada
Source: Financial Times

It is not only cannabis growers and retailers that invest in cannabis. Many companies across the globe particularly US and Canada have fully delved into this area; providing services, getting funding and equally being funded by this industry. A good number of these companies are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies which are in charge of producing cannabinoid- based drugs. Service/product providers are also part of this system even though they seem to be operating outside the industry. Since the legalization of this drug, these and many other bodies have sprouted up causing more expansion and growth of the industry.

Many states in the U.S have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes thereby giving these companies a green light to pursue this part and grow the plants. This is despite the fact that that growing of the cannabis plant is still illegal at the federal level.

U.S exchanges

Many cannabis investment companies have been on a wild search for an alternative way to get funds and raise capital. However, as it has been legalized in Canada, this gives those companies in U.S. the chance to raise funds for acquisitions.

Tips on how to eradicate the bad weed stocks

To get an efficient investment in cannabis and make a successful headway, one just has to think of how to get access to high quality stocks and avoid or totally do away with the bad weed stocks. We recommend that retail investors work carefully and with diligence especially as it pertains to handling of files and corporate documents. Going through these files can be hectic and time consuming. Hence, there is need for them to use tools and instruments that would make it easier to invest in preselected cannabis stocks.

For those who want to go solo and build on their own portfolios from the scratch, you can think of consulting an investment advisor and stock picker. What stock pickers who have been in the business for long do is to help you pick the right stock or suggest to you the right stock to pick.

Things to consider before investing in cannabis

There is no laid down rule for this but before going fully into investing in this industry, you should first;

  • Look for a company- search for the companies you will be making investment in by getting their current trends. Be on the lookout for companies linked to cannabis regulatory agencies and documents required by cannabis regulatory agencies.
  • Know the amount to invest- it is advisable you invest in only what you can afford to lose. Making researches before investing is very good and encouraged. However, you should know we are talking about stocks here. Stocks are volatile and there is the high possibility of things changing with it. It is just not predictable. 
  • Look out for changes in market trends- This will help to determine when is the likely time to buy or sell.
  • Get a broker, buy your stock and sell the stock after you must have generated enough returns from it.

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